This workshop will show you a quick and effective way to redesign your service for digital access. It is:

- Interactive: you will receive exercises to carry out during the workshop. You can pause while you carry these out before moving on to the next one.

- Experiential: you will use real life examples from your services so that by the end you have an improved process and a plan to test a prototype.

- Self-serve: the course runs for 2 weeks but you can go at your own pace. Including doing the exercises the course should take you about 10 hours spread over however many days you decide.

- Supportive: guides you through the service redesign process with 1-1 help when you need it. Includes three group zoom calls with your trainer. Every page has a button you can use to contact us for support.

The course is divided into two parts:

Part One

Gets you ready to carry-out user research and learn about your users’ needs.

Includes two group Zoom calls on specified dates. Here you can ask more questions, get support and connect with fellow participants from other charities.

After the call you’ll need to carry out some real-life user research. We’ll show you how to do this without leaving your home.

Part 2
Here you’ll be guided through the process of developing and testing a basic prototype (aka ‘skateboard’) of your online service.

Includes a group Zoom call with the trainer.

Course breakdown:
  • 1


    • Welcome to Part One

    • Group Zoom Call - 14th July @ 2 - 3pm

    • Introduction

    • The Design Process

  • 2

    Exercise 1: Knowledge Board

    • The Knowledge Board

    • Knowledge Board Worksheet (download)

  • 3

    Exercise 2: Outcomes

    • Define Your Outcome

    • Design Worksheet (download)

  • 4

    Exercise 3: User Needs Statement

    • User Needs

    • User Needs Worksheet (download)

  • 5

    Exercise 4: Inspiration Board

    • Inspiration Board

    • Inspiration Worksheet (download)

  • 6

    Exercise 5: User research

    • User Research: User Needs

    • User Research: Framing Interview Questions

  • 7

    Wrap up - Part One

    • What to do next?

    • Group Zoom Call - 21st July @ 2 - 3pm

  • 8

    Welcome - Part Two

    • Welcome Back!

  • 9

    Exercise 6: Making sense of your User Research (Synthesis)

    • Synthesising User Research

  • 10

    Exercise 7: Generating ideas

    • Explore Solutions

    • Create a story-board

    • Define your skateboard?

  • 11

    Exercise 8: Taking your idea into the world

    • Testing your idea

  • 12

    Next steps

    • What to do next?

    • Group Zoom Call - 4th August @ 2 - 3pm

    • Your feedback

    • Reading list