This workshop will show you a quick and effective way to redesign your service for digital access. It is:

- Interactive: you will receive exercises to carry out during the workshop. You can pause while you carry these out before moving on to the next one.

- Experiential: you will use real life examples from your services so that by the end you have an improved process and a plan to test a prototype.

- Self-serve: go at your own pace. Including doing the exercises the course should take you about 10 hours spread over however many days you decide (most folk take 5-10 working days).

- Supportive: guides you through the service redesign process with 1-1 help when you need it. Includes two calls with your trainer. Every page has a button you can use to contact us for support.

The course is divided into two parts:

Part One

Gets you ready to carry-out user research and learn about your users’ needs.

Includes a group Zoom call available every other Wednesday from 11-12 am. Here you can ask more questions, get support and connect with fellow participants from other charities.

After the call you’ll need to carry out some real-life user research. We’ll show you how to do this without leaving your home.

Part 2
Here you’ll be guided through the process of developing and testing a basic prototype (aka ‘skateboard’) of your online service.

Includes a 1-1 call with the Hop team available every Thursday.

Course breakdown:
  • 1


    • Welcome to your Design Hop - Part 1

    • Introduction to the online design hop

    • The Design Process

  • 2

    Exercise 1: Knowledge board

    • Your Knowledge Board

    • Knowledge Board Worksheet - download to use

  • 3

    Exercise 2: Outcomes

    • Your Outcome

    • Design Process Worksheet - download to use

  • 4

    Exercise 3: User needs statement

    • Your User Needs

    • User needs statement examples from video

    • user needs worksheet - download to use

  • 5

    Exercise 4: Inspiration board

    • Inspiration board

    • Inspiration Worksheet - download to use

  • 6

    Exercise 5: User research

    • User Research: Finding out about your users

    • User Research: Why we can't ask our users what they want

  • 7

    Wrap up - Part 1

    • What happens next?

  • 8

    Welcome - Part 2

    • Welcome to your Design Hop - Part 2

  • 9

    Exercise 6: Making sense of your User Research (Synthesis)

    • Making sense of your user research (Synthesis)

  • 10

    Exercise 7: Generating ideas

    • Thinking about solutions

    • Creating a storyboard

    • What's your skateboard?

  • 11

    Exercise 8: Taking your idea forward

    • Testing your idea

  • 12

    Next steps

    • We welcome your feedback...

    • Follow-up reading

    • Funding

    • Famous CAST Words